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They Were Apart For More Than A Decade, Now Watch Them Reunite

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It's a reunion 10 years in the making. A Treasure Coast woman who lost her cat in Port St. Lucie when someone broke into her home, has her back, after someone found her in Stuart.

When Mara Briand's family found a kitten in a snowbank in New Hampshire a decade ago, they thought it was a girl and called it Fifi. Later, it turned out that Fifi is actually a boy, but the name stuck. After moving to Florida in 2006, they had the very clever idea to take Fifi to the vet and have a tiny microchip embedded under his skin, containing Fifi's owner’s name, address and a phone number.

A few months after they moved to the Sunshine State, someone had broken into the Briand home and when the people came back, their two cats Fifi and Mimi were gone. Mimi had resurfaced more than a year later, but the woman who found her had bonded with the fluffy feline and wouldn't give her up. Who does that? While they had a peace of mind that at least one of their cats was ok, Fifi seemed like he had vanished into thin air.

That all changed this year, when a local animal control officers found an emaciated kitty in Port St. Lucie park. After a thorough check up, the kitty's owner was identified.

At first, Mara could not believe that this could be the same cat. But when Fifi laid eyes on his human, it became evident that he is back!

"When he saw me he started purring, and rolled over onto his back," Briand told media outlets. "He used to do that to have his belly rubbed." She adds that "finding Fifi brings her back to a lot of great memories — a reminder of my life there."

So many cats stay in shelters and their owners are never found. I guess Fifi was lucky!