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You Can Still Use These 100-Year-Old Kitchen Hacks Today

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These Life Hacks are over 100 years old but still work great today! So, if you ever find yourself rummaging through the garage or basement, be sure to check for any hidden treasures.

The Household Hacker has selected his favorite kitchen hacks from a collection of a century-old printed cards with all sorts of hacks to make life easier. Let’s go thought them all:

Ever found yourself with a couple of cracked eggs that you really like to boil? Stop their insides from spilling into the boiling water by adding a good dose of white wine vinegar. Boil and cool as usual and they won’t taste like pickled.

Do you have a priceless heirloom vase that you keep safely tucked away from fear of knocking it over? Find nice looking gravel or sand from the hardware store and fill the vase a few inches. It will actually make it even more decorative!

However, if you do drop a glass vessel and it shatters into a million pieces, carefully pick up the large chunks of broken glass, then use a wet towel to pick up the crumbs. You will have to discard that rag altogether, but at least the cleanup is faster!

Ever had a couple of glasses completely stuck together? If you tug on the they might eventually break! The cars suggest you will the glass on top with cold water and place the bottom one in hot water. Cold will make the top one shrink and heat will make the lower one expand just enough for them to come away. Simple physics.

One hack that keeps sneaking through in these videos is something that can always come in handy, and that is how to cool down a bottle of beverage without ice of a cooler. Just wrap the bottle tight with a towel, put it into a bowl under the tap and run cold water over it. That is it!

If you need to clean a glass bottle and you don’t have a bottle cleaning brush, all you need to do is put some rice, water and a few drops of dish soap into your dirty vessel and swish everything inside, up and down. Then dump the insides into a strainer, rinse the bottle and it is as good as new.

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